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More than 20 highly qualified professionals with business and training experience
Our clients about our trainers – professionalism, ability to create the easy and open atmosphere, flexibility, creative approach, aspiration to consider features and tasks of the client, sense of humour …
Experience gained. Lessons learned. Results achieved.
Business games are about emotions, team building, improving communication, training skills, developing competencies, and solving specific problems. Based on your needs we can help you to choose you your game out of more than 10 solutions we have.
Improving Business Performance through Human Development
«We introduce the best global business practices to our clients, thereby helping customers’ companies boost their effectiveness», Anna L. Kirin, President of CBSD/THUNDERBIRD RUSSIA
training that will change your career, your organization, and the world around you
YOUR PROFESSIONAL TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES ARE LIMITLESS. Whether you are looking for professional development courses, or customized solutions for the team of leaders in your organization, or consulting experience, or a group training model, or team-building solutions, we always have solutions to offer you.
Our open enrollment courses
knowledge, skills, new ideas, emotions, new business contacts ....
Leadership is ....
Our teaching methods include interactive learning.
New horizont of your profession
Our teaching methods include interactive learning.

CBSD/Thunderbird Russia

CBSD is a market leader in developing and providing business training, management development, and specialized HR solutions for Russian, and international companies throughout the CIS. Our comprehensive business solutions bring you the best practices of global business and strengthen your company for a successful future. Bringing best in class global management education CBSD/Thunderbird Russia provides localized training and development solutions in Russian and English languages. Our team works with each client individually to find the solution that best fits their budget and specific needs and interests. Program participants put theory into practice, learning from dedicated instructors and peers through standard, custom, and modified programs.

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30 March Четвертый шаг к поднятию собственной мотивации
Предпоследним шагом в процессе анализа спада мотивации к работе становится выяснение того, какие проекты, команды, должности или обязанности, находящиеся на стыке различных специализаций, могли бы позволить вам большую часть своего времени заниматься тем, что вам нравится, и в чем вы искусны?
27 March Третий шаг к поднятию собственной мотивации
Следующее, что вам необходимо сделать для повышения собственной мотивации – это принять четкое решение о том, кем вы хотите быть – руководителем или независимым экспертом.
25 March Второй шаг к поднятию собственной мотивации
В предыдущей новости мы поделились первым шагом на пути повышения мотивации к работе. Сегодня мы продолжим данную тему.
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