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It is our mission to help clients go from good to great byimproving business performance and stimulating long-term growth through human development.

In a world that has been shaken by economic crisis, there is always opportunity for growth. We believe the best place to start is with your company’s most valuable resource: people. Here at CBSD, wedevelop comprehensive business solutions today that will take our clients into the future. More than just a quick fix, we work with clients and their employees to undergo a lasting transformation and improve their ability to:

  • Face problems head on;
  • Create working relationships with internal and external clients;
  • Communicate and negotiate with ease and effectiveness;
  • Capitalize on opportunities for growth and profit;
  • And build credibility in a highly competitive market.

At CBSD we provide more than just a classroom. We provide an opportunity for program participants to put theory into practice and learn from dedicated instructors and peers through standard, custom, and modified programs. Our CBSD team works with each client individually to find the program that best fits with their budget and specific needs and interests.

CBSD/Thunderbird Russia offers clients:

Our vast experience creating and adapting programs to the Russian market

Customized business solutions that cater specifically to each individual client's market, needs and interests

Continuous development of innovative programs using local and international expertise

A highly qualifiedteam of experts and trainers that work closely with clients through every step of the development and training process

A modern and fully equipped training center

Long-term relationships with our clients

Agroup of professionalsthat wants to see your business grow and succeed!

CBSD in TOP-5 Training and Development ProvidersCPHR Club